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To get the most accurate estimate please follow these instructions.

  1. Select your type of room from the blue boxes along the top.
  2. Enter the requested information. For rooms and similar spaces, enter the measurements (feet & inches) of the space, shortest side first.
  3. Click the Add Item button
  4. Return to step 1 to add additional rooms.
  5. Protectant available upon request.

*Minimum cost of $125 for carpet cleaning services. This quote is for estimation purposes only, and is not a guarantee of cost for services. This quote is based on current information entered by the client. Actual cost will be determined by a technician on site. Please note that you CANNOT schedule your actual appointment through this window. You can request a preferred appointment time and our customer service specialist will call to schedule an appointment. We CANNOT guarantee you will receive your preferred appointment time. Please call 734-973-2222 to schedule service.

Select your type of wall to wall carpet

All Rooms Carpet Cleaning

Poor maintenance can adversely affect the look of your home, reduce product performance, and accelerate the need for replacement. Count on us to provide solutions for your maintenance needs.

Entry, Hall, Closet, and Bath Carpet Cleaning

We recommend using Fiber Protector on these high traffic areas to prolong the life of your carpets. It also provides easy stain removal and shields against oil and water based stains.

Stair Carpet Cleaning

Let us restore the appearance of your carpeting without the use of harsh or destructive cleaning chemicals. We remove embedded soils, stubborn stains and various odors including those from pets.

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