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Keep This in Mind When Cleaning Upholstery in Chelsea

Furniture cleaners in Chelsea will help you ensure you get the most value out of your upholstery and furniture.

DIY cleaning of your upholstery and furniture can be more damaging than good if not done correctly and it might end up costing you more than the money you saved on professional cleaners. However, between regular cleanings by professionals, there may be a need for spot cleanings or touch-ups.

Before attempting DIY spot cleaning on your upholstered furniture, first check what type of fabric or material you are dealing with. When you have an idea of the type of detergent or soap to use, apply it to a small area of the couch. Choose a hidden corner at the back where it won’t be too visible should the cleaning agent react aversely with the fabric. Test to see if the color will fade from the cleaning solution applied. Never wet the cloth too much to make sure the fabric or upholstery will dry quickly.

Taking care of upholstery cleaning in future:

·       Removing stains from fabric upholstery: Make use of a clean cloth dipped in the cleaning solution in order to remove most stains. If need be you can mix a stronger stain remover by using 1/3 cup white vinegar with 2/3 cup of cold water to get the stains out. Using 1 tablespoon of ammonia with a half a cup of water is another effective furniture cleaning solution

·       Fabric upholstery cleaning: When you are going to attempt fabric upholstery cleaning, use a soft and clean cloth. Dip it lightly into the cleaning solution and gently blot the dirt out of the fabric. Should you be working with a more durable type of cloth make use of an upholstery brush to clean the fabric. Once you have applied the soap make use of a dry white cloth to blot out the soap

·       Cleaning leather upholstery: Mix your own leather cleaner by using 1 cup white vinegar with 2 cups of linseed oil. Rub the surface of the leather gently in circular motions and allow the solution to stay on the leather for up to ten minutes before buffing the surface with a clean rug until shiny

Wolverine Carpet Cleaning will provide you with professional and affordable upholstery cleaning services in Chelsea.